One Tick Can Change Your Life!‚Äč

Tick-borne infections are at an all time high around the world! Find out everything you need to know about preventing and treating Tick Bites!


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Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to prevent tick bites and what to do if you do get a bite. Knowing how to handle each tick bite is crucial to preventing chronic Lyme Disease and other tick-borne infections.

  • Infections Ticks Carry
  • Lyme Diagnosis & Testing Issues
  • Tick Identification
  • Lyme Rashes
  • Habits to Prevent Tick Bites
  • How to Make Your Own Tick Kit
  • Homemade Tick Repellent
  • How to Do a Tick Check
  • How to Safely Remove a Tick
  • What to Do With the Tick Once You Removed It
  • Treating a Tick Bite
  • Keeping Track of Symptoms
  • Lyme Symptoms
  • Lyme Doctors
  • When To See a Doctor
  • How to Find a Lyme Doctor
  • Testing the Tick
  • Tests for Lyme Disease and Co-Infections
  • Controlling Ticks in Your Yard
  • Ticks in Your Yard and On Your Pets
  • Handy Resources

What Our Members Say

Local Mom Finds a Tick

"I sincerely appreciate all of the information Tricia has compiled! As a family, we enjoy being outdoors, but we don't like pesky little ticks! Recently, my 3 year old had his first tick bite and I immediately turned to Tricia for help. Her in-depth knowledge and thorough resources gave me the confidence to address our situation appropriately. Her course offered exactly what I needed! Many Thanks!!! - Renee Perez"

Renee Perez

From Maryland, USA

Reviewed by a Lyme Mom & Physicians Assistant

"This course provides very practical steps that you can take to protect your family from tick-borne illness. Given the increasing prevalence of Lyme disease, this is a course everyone should take!"

Jennifer Diefendorf, PA-C, CHC

From Maryland, USA


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Don't let ticks control your life!

Knowledge is power. Don’t let the fear of ticks keep you from enjoying nature. Don’t let the ignorance of ticks allow you or your children to contract tick-borne diseases. Take this step to be empowered so that you will know how to prevent and treat tick bites.